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A warm welcome to Consonance Communication!


- Do you feel that you easily lose yourself in everyday life, longing to come back to yourself and what it is that brings you meaning and joy?

- Do you feel stuck in old patterns and ruts, that there are obstacles on your way but you want to move forward and create change in your life?

- Do you wish to understand, deepen, change or feel better in your relationships with other people?


Can you see yourself in any of these descriptions? Then you've come to the right place! Through coaching, my mission and joy are to help people feel better in themselves, in their lives and in their relationships with others. 

Two pine cones

As someone who has fit into all the descriptions above, I know how valuable it can be to have someone by your side who listens, supports, guides and believes in you. Who sees possibilities, hope and a way forward. In our sessions, you are welcome just as you are and we will talk about what is important and present for you right now. Together, we focus on recognizing, learning from and letting go of what limits and hinders you in your life and explore what it is you need to create change and take new steps forward.

In music, the word "consonance" means to sound together in harmony and unison. Translated into human relationships, consonance is about using our words and our ability to listen to resolve conflicts and discord and to create more harmony, connection and understanding – within ourselves and with other people. In a coaching conversation, this means that I will always listen for what it is that can best be of help to you in creating the life you desire and long for.

I work online through video and e-mail, in Swedish and English, and sessions are booked here on this website. Would you like to know more? Read on about me and how I work on this website and you are always welcome to book an Exploratory Call free of charge to see if this could be something for you!


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