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Karolina Kempe

About me - Karolina Kempe

For a long time, I have sensed that my life purpose has to do with building bridges in life; bridges that support connection, communication, and understanding in ourselves and between people.

I have always been a bit of a seeker, wanting to understand more about life - at large as well as my own. For the past 20 years, I have explored different paths in personal development and made my own inner and outer journey through all the parts that make up a person: the emotional, the physical, the mental and the spiritual.

If I look back, it seems obvious that the main theme in my life is communication. In my previous profession as a speech and language pathologist (SLP), I have for 15 years mainly worked on communication with children with disabilities/learning challenges, their families and teachers. I am also a certified Integrative Coach and support people in becoming more whole, in finding the true gifts with what has been holding them back and as a result, in taking steps forward toward a life they long for and dream of. Alongside that, singing and playing instruments have always been important in my life, and I have many times witnessed the connection and healing that can take place when music is the means of communication.

In my coaching work, I bring with me the set of tools, knowledge and skills I have collected through education, training and life experience. I carry a life backpack where culture, country, language, upbringing and faith differ from some of the closest people in my life, and know that these bridges - along with all the gifts they bring - are not always easy to build. I have had countless blessed opportunities of holding space for other people and just as many healing and beautiful experiences of others holding space for me.

My experience is that what we carry with us from earlier in life becomes a filter through which we hear and see each other - and ourselves! - and through which we communicate and make choices, and that sometimes it can be valuable to have someone by our side to help us navigate it.

Previous experience: education and training

Master of Science in Speech Pathology and Therapy, Lund University, Sweden


Life Education Program (a program containing more than 300 hours of in-depth study, solo and group processing, based on the work by Neale Donald Walsch), ReCreation Foundation, Oregon, USA


Timeless Loving: A Gentle Introduction to Tantra, Institute for Ecstatic Living, USA

2008 & 2012

Själens sång (transl. "Song of the Soul") by Lena Måndotter, Sweden


Theta Healing DNA2 Basic Course, Donna Baverman, Washington, USA


Vipassana 10-day meditation course, Dhamma Sobhana Vipassana Centre, Sweden


Integrative Coaching of the Breakthrough Shadow Coaching Training Program, The Ford Institute for Transformational Training, USA


Further training as a tutor in Karlstadmodellen (a model for working with speech and language with people with language problems) by Irene Johansson, Sweden


Motivational Interviewing, Psykologpartners, Sweden


Previous work experience

Piano teacher for the company Pianino, Sweden


European Coordinator for the Group of 1000 (a global network of people, gathered by Neale Donald Walsch, working to help facilitate a shift in consciousness in the world), voluntary work online


Speech and Language Pathologist at a Habilitation Centre, Sweden


Choral director for mixed choir within the adult educational association, Sensus, and the Swedish Church

2006 and ongoing

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