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Standing in the mud puddles of life

Sometimes I feel that life is like being washed in a humility machine. It usually happens when there is a plan and think I have things under control, but then something happens that turns things around and I need to think again. Or it's when I come to an insight about something that stirs the way I have thought and acted up until then.

A while back was one of those days. I had been pondering for quite some time on what it means to step into one's light and stand in one's power, when doing something that feels special as well as in life in general. I thought that it must mean to be in control, to have sufficient knowledge, understanding and a foolproof plan. When it really matters, to say and do the right thing.

I was completely wrong. And in a conversation with Birna, one of the wisest people I know, I understood why. We talked about life's ups and downs. About things that challenge us in everyday life and how to navigate them. And then she stated the obvious. "Karolina, what you practice, you'll get better at." Well... yes... that is true.

I tried to see where she was going with that. "Life is here and now," she continued. "You are trying to think and plan life, but life needs to be lived."

Life, that which holds everything: things that are messy, things that feel vulnerable and fragile, things we wish were different, things we are proud of and grateful for, things that are nice and not so nice, things that are funny, shameful, scary, beautiful, sad, triggering, wonderful. "When something in life is challenging", Birna said, "and you do what you can to choose love in the moment, when you try to feel trust, one small step at a time, then you are standing in your power. That is what it means to step into your light."

So it's not about keeping everything in check or avoiding getting our feet muddy. And it's not that we have done a bad job if something in our life feels challenging or hard. Doing what we can in the moment to choose love is a muscle we can exercise much like everything else, and what that looks like may vary. Sometimes it could be about how we choose to interpret something that happens or is being said, what we choose to focus at or look beyond. It could be counting to ten instead of giving an answer that probably wouldn't make things any better. Asking for time to think. And afterwards, if things still didn't turn out the way we wanted and we feel like giving up, choosing the kindest words towards ourselves that we can. Reminding ourselves that the harshest judge is probably our own within, and that it is okay to ask him or her to take a few days off for Christmas.


The human journey is not always easy. But everyone that I've come across who in some way works with helping people has one clear, common message: you're not alone. Sometimes when we are standing with the mud of life up to our knees, it can feel very lonely, like we are standing there all by ourselves, like no one else could possibly have the same kind of mess like we do. But that is not true. That is simply not true. We all have mud in our lives, in one way or another. Things that challenge us. That is part of being human. But if there is one thing I've learned in life, it's that this mud, the things that we feel are preventing us from creating the life we ​​desire, also holds the opportunity for growth and healing.

And I don't think we are meant to face everything on our own. If you desire change or if you want support where you are in life right now, you are most welcome to book an exploratory call free of charge here:

It comes with no further obligations, but it is a way for you to get a feel for whether you would like to continue working together in a coaching setting.

And if you prefer to know a little more about me and how I work, you can read here: and here:

I wish you a gentle and beautiful Christmas.



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